eDNA Real Time Historian

InStep’s eDNA software suite is an enterprise data historian platform for collecting, archiving, analyzing and reporting upon the real-time operational, asset health and regulatory related information that is important to the success of most businesses. eDNA collects continuously streaming time series data from critical control, monitoring and smart devices and then archives this data using an advanced storage and compression technology. Advanced user applications provide secure real-time visibility of this information so that anyone throughout the business can make informed and timely decisions.


  • Collects data from hundreds of different control and monitoring systems and devices

  • Highly efficient and scalable infrastructure for management of continuously streaming real-time data

  • Advanced user applications for organization, analysis and reporting of operational, asset health and regulatory related information

  • Secure data access and integration of real-time and historical data with other business systems

  • Consolidation of disparate data sources into a highly scalable data management platform

  • Real-time visibility, analysis and reporting of critical operational, asset health and regulatory data

  • Deployment of operational, performance and asset health-related analytics

  • Real-time identification and notification of important events

    System Architecture

    eDNA enables accurate and timely performance-based decisions that improve operating costs. Through its distributed architecture, eDNA enables the right people to make the right decisions at the right time. This service-oriented redundant architecture draws from a variety of information sources into a collaborative real-time interface, calculation engine, and historical archive.

    Client Applications

    eDNA has a suite of highly advanced client applications for accessing, analyzing and presenting data in the desired display format and resolution. eDNA clients allow product specialist and "power users" to quickly use and analyze eDNA information. Casual users are also provided with a quick and easy to use interface accessed via eDNA's web-based tools. All of the eDNA clients are licensed for unlimited distribution, allowing all users the ability to access and benefit from the company's real-time data.

    Web Solution

    eDNA Web is a real-time decision support platform enabling users to make informed business and operational decisions. eDNA Web provides access to the many real-time, historical and relational data sources that drive operational profitability.

    eDNA Web comes configured with a series of advanced analysis tools that allow users to simplify decision making and focus on the key performance indicators that lead to optimized system performance and profitability. eDNA Web gives the user control over the graphical representation of data with presentation tools that ensure end users can easily customize displays, reports, trends, and much more. Secure access is provided through the internet, intranet, LAN or WAN, and uses a standard web browser as an intuitive interface enabling and optimizing collaboration across the enterprise..

    Mobile Solution

    InStep’s eDNA mobile solution provides access to data held within the historian from a smartphone or tablet. eDNA mobile solution users can easily view current system information, trending and graphical displays. The Mobile Solutions includes the following key benefits:

  • Mobile device access

  • Access to current system

  • Trending

  • Graphical Display

  • Dashboards